One of the beautiful Scandinavian countries, quite up north (just below the north pole). I moved to Malmö in August 2013 and enjoy the (not so) beautiful weather ever since 🙂
How did I end up here you might ask – and the answer is quite simple: my boyfriend lives here. We got together in August 2009 and had a long distance relationship for four years. At some point you get really tired of it, and since he’s been studying medicine – I was the one that moved.
Sometimes, you just have to risk things in order to be happy, to pursue something, or even fail. Failure isn’t anything bad, it happens, you get up and are stronger than before.

My friends in Switzerland and Serbia ask me: “How is it in Sweden?” I seriously hope they read this so they stop asking me 😛 But honestly, I don’t quite know how to answer this, because there are so many aspects to it. Right when I moved here, I was able to take a course in Swedish (for immigrants) for free. I was lucky to find an internship, after only one month, and finally work in my field (Graphic Design).
Sweden is a socialistic country and that’s great. However, most importantly I’m very happy with my relationship. Sure it takes a couple of weeks to get used to each other in everyday life, but that’s normal.
But… and I’m gonna be honest with you – it’s so hard to top Switzerland.
I grew up near Zurich and things that seem as a matter of course to me, are not such a matter of course here. Like being payed for the work you do. No matter what you work, whether an internship or a job, you are always payed. I’m not really – working full time and sure, getting some experience but living on our savings isn’t making life easier.

All in all I don’t want to be all negative – the coffee is great up here! 🙂
The bottom line is, it’s okay. It’s life. And I met some great people here, Swedish and non Swedish (Sweden has a lot of immigrants from all over the world).

Turning Torso

The one thing I have a problem with is, that Swedish people are so up tight and cold. Sure the geographical location contributes to that.

Sweden is one of the countries where the Midnight Sun occurs in summer (the sun is up for 24h and there is no sundown), but in winter, there is night 24/7. Well, it’s only up north and since we live in the south, we don’t experience it as that. But the days are shorter here than in Switzerland. 

Back to the Swedes… well here some awesome facts:

  1. They are everything but spontaneous. It happens that I’m asked for a dinner or coffee weeks (!!!) ahead. WTF? 
  2. When you go to a party, you bring your own booze. Unless you have awesome friends like we do. But usually, you bring your own stuff.
  3. If you go out for drinks or food – you pay for yourself. You will never see a Swede fight to buy you coffee… (which people in Serbia constantly do). 
  4. Swedes always agree and never say what they truly think. It’s like: mhm yeah…. mumble, mumble something, something.
  5. They N.E.V.E.R. take the last piece of food. The last piece of cake will be cut in halves, quarters, until it reaches a microscopic size. But that microscopic size will stay. I don’t know what’s wrong with taking the last piece of cake or whatever might be on the table.
  6. Tack! Means thank you and is used in every single possible situation. If you don’t know what to say, always go with Tack. Very thankful people.
  7. Everyone speaks excellent English, which makes my life so much easier.
  8. Coffee is a religion up here, you drink it all the time.
  9. A very common sentence is: “Vad sa du?” meaning: “What did you say?”. Imagine it like this. We are in an office. Person A: “mumble mumble”Person B: “Va sa du?” Person A repeats in a clearer voice. They constantly talk into their chin so no one understands. 
  10. Everyone has a bike. No matter the time of the year or the weather condition. Biking is the way to go.
Freshly brewed coffee and Chokladboll (Chocolate ball)

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  1. Camilla aka fashionvictim91
    January 20, 2014 / 9:07 pm

    Hey honey! The cake piece was funny, that no one never wants to take the last piece.. you're new Swedish friends much be very strange ahah! its not like that up in Stockholm anyway.. Well i should sit here and correct you this is your opinion about Swedish people, fortuantly im not Swedish ahah, and i say what i Think with an uhm ehm, how else would i be Heard right? 😉 im born in Sweden and i lived here for 20 years, its a shame that you Think like this about Swedish people.. plus my opinion is that the Swedish people in the South are more friendly than in Stockholm, and up here.. and yes coffee is a religion ahahah ! it was so fun to read about your Point of view 😀 hope ill get to read more about Sweden and your opinion and stuff ! its funny ! take care hun! and i hope you have a great time here in Sweden, or in Malmö ahah 😉 <3

    • January 22, 2014 / 10:47 am

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 I appreciate it very much.
      Honestly, I did not intend to be rude or anything… it was just supposed to be a bit fun. One could always write something about every nation and make a bit fun out of them. We should just be able to laugh about ourselves… 😉
      But you are right, I did experience all this and that's why I'm writing it down… and Swedish people have great qualities too it's really not meant to be only negative.
      I was only able to observe some things, since I didn't grow up here and spend many years in southern Europe (Serbia) and know how different people are there.

      Kisses <3

  2. Lea
    January 21, 2014 / 12:46 pm

    =) 10 very good points

    • January 22, 2014 / 10:47 am

      Oh thank you my Portuguese friend <3

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