Review January 2014

You might remember that one of my goals was to read 2 – 4 books a month. Well, January was quite successful. I thought in order to keep my goals, I’d write reviews every month for you. 

January was about the Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins. Honestly, the first 2 books I’ve read in the first week of January – the last book took forever. First of all, because I went back to work after the Christmas holiday (and didn’t have much time to read), and second of all, because it wasn’t as good as the other ones. 

I think it’s important to be up to date with today’s pop culture, so you go with the flow and read or watch things that might not hit your spot. 

Just an example: Fifty Shades Of Gray is trash literature, but as I mentioned before – you can never read too many books. After all, you wanna be able to talk about them. 

The Hunger Games were alright. It’s science fiction which is usually not my genre, but I can still say it was worth reading. It does resemble our world and our politics in many ways. So, it’s not that far fetched at all. 

The first book is really good. But, as the sequels go on, it just loses its value and feels “rushed” (weeks and months pass within sentences). It feels like the author wrote the 2nd and 3rd book in 2 days. One of the flaws are the endless questions. Katniss has too many of them in her head and we are all part of it. 

I was also quite annoyed with the love triangle Peeta-Katniss-Gale… as well as her emotions. She loves them, she hates them, she can’t decide, she doesn’t really know… arrghh.

These books are for everyone, whether you like science fiction or not. It’s an easy read, definitely to go for in English.

Here are my ratings:

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

How were your experiences with the books? Leave a comment if you’ve read them and what you think of them 🙂 

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