View from Fløjen

This post I’d like to dedicate to our lovely neighbour to our right – Norway.
Actually I’d be lying if I claimed to have seen a lot of Scandinavia. Actually I’ve only been to Bergen. But, I did hopelessly fall in love with it. Well, almost. If you live in Bergen, you’ll sure as hell have strong calves and be in great shape, since you have to climb everywhere you go. Seriously, the streets are sooooooo steep, I’d consider rolling. No wonder, since Bergen is known as the city of seven mountains.

Scandinavia (or in this case Bergen) is very special and you realize it once you see a McDonald’s in a wooden house.
But maybe I should tell you why I’ve been there (twice so far). My very best friend Martina lives there. We went to High School in Belgrade together – afterwards, our paths threw us in different directions. Nevertheless, seven years later I can say that she’s a person I can completely trust, she encourages me when it’s tough, she tells me to shut the fuck up if I overreact and we love to have our moments (she knows what I mean). Actually, she’s more like family – her parents and brother are amazing and they are my second home 🙂

 Back to the topic, add a little sunshine to Bergen and you’ll get something wonderful. All the wooden houses painted in different colors become alive and scream for pictures – people get out and take walks to Bryggen (fishers town) or Fløjen (mountain above Bergen).
As a nation, Norwegians or Bergerians (citizens of Bergen) are very self aware and fit. During my stay I had the urge to go along and run or exercise with all the girls (mostly). So much pressure! Other than that, they are very friendly and I have to point out Martina’s friends, which really made me feel welcome and part of it. Her friends are my friends 🙂
One small thing I shall mention are the prices. Norway is super expensive (and I come from Switzerland sooooo you can imagine), but no worries, there is always wine to kill your sorrows <3

A tradition they have in Norway is the Russefeiring. It’s a celebration for Norwegian high school students in their final spring semester. Students that take part in it are called RUSS. Every year, from the 1st of May, until the 17th of May (national day of Norway) you’ll see half the city wearing these red overalls (depends on the school what colour, but mostly red), driving matching cars, vans, busses – the party doesn’t stop for those 17 days. Do I have to mention the alcohol consumption? 🙂 

I was really amazed by the whole concept and as you can see, people print all kinds of things on their overalls, you can earn “knots” by fulfilling tasks (i.e. eating a Big Mac in 2 bites or finishing a bottle of wine in 20 min) etc. Check out Wikipedia for further information 😛

The legend – my best friend Martina

Me enjoying a picnic on top of Fløjen,

Me and one of the Norwegian trolls… super cute!

Kristin & Me

I’m really looking forward to my next visit to this beautiful town. 

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