So girly….

Nail polish. Love. Addiction. This is pretty much my collection. I didn’t put top coats, matte finishes, strengtheners etc. because they’re see-through and there’s no point in having them. 

Depending on the season I change my color range. Right now I’m wearing either a nude tone, burgundy or purple. In my opinion there is a “rule” which color palette to use in summer and which in winter. If I see a girl with neon pink nails in winter I’d be like seriously? This said, I have to add that red is the ultimate classic color to wear all year around. 

Especially today since it’s Valentine’s day 😉 

Sugar Crush nail polish from KICKS <3

The best brand is definitely O.P.I. They are very saturated so a second layer is not really necessary, the brush is very nicely shaped and they dry quickly. Unfortunately they are quite expensive. Other brands that I really like and can highly recommend are:

Sally Hansen
Do you have any favorite brands that you can recommend? Btw, I’ve seen that some of my friends keep their nail polishes in the fridge. Does it really help to keep them from drying out? I haven’t tried it and would love to know if it works. If so, I’d need a whole shelve.

<3 I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones <3


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