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I wanna apologize for the lack of posting, it’s because of my current residence in Switzerland. I went home for one week and really didn’t have much time until now. Sitting at a Starbucks downtown in Zurich and thought that I could post something about the city and the people here.

Switzerland is a very small and cosy country. Since it’s located in the middle of Europe, there’s a huge advantage for traveling. Zurich airport provides flights to 64 countries in the world and therefore makes it a perfect place for getaways. 

That being said, Swiss people love to travel. On average they do it at least twice a year, sometimes more. I see it on my friends… they travel the shit out of the world. Overseas destinations are a once-a-year event. It gets understandable once you realize how high the standard and the salaries are. People with only high school education earn on average 4’500$ per month. If you have a university degree, the numbers reach much much higher. Of course, the living costs are very high here. Apartments, insurances etc. take much from you. In short – Switzerland is expensive but in the end people are richer and have more to spend than in other countries. Also the taxes aren’t that high as in Sweden. 

Lake of Zurich

Once you visit Switzerland you’ll realize how clean it is. Seriously, everything is in its place. No trash, no homeless, nothing sticks out whatsoever. I’m scared to throw away my chewing gum because someone might rat on me to the police. True story. 

Menu at “Cakefriends”

There are many things you should know about Switzerland and Swiss people, so here I’ll list some of them: 

  1. Just like Swedish people, Swiss people LOVE to plan everything 4 months in advance. 
  2. Swiss people are a very hard-working nation. Over-hours happen almost daily, stress is your best friend. What do they do? Kill it with alcohol every weekend. Spend all the earnings on booze. 
  3. DO NOT SHOWER AFTER 10 pm! Seriously, your neighbors might call the police for house disturbance. 
  4. They love to be independent. Switzerland refuses to enter the European Union, they refuse to have the Euro (we’re keeping our Swiss Franc), they simply do not participate in anything. They like to observe. 
  5. Switzerland’s language is fucked up. Here’s why: in the German speaking part, we speak the Swiss German language. It’s NOT the same as German – they don’t understand us. So, Swiss German is a spoken language, doesn’t exist as a written one. Within the Swiss German, there are many dialects. So I, from Zurich, have a hard time to understand people from Bern. 
  6. Switzerland is famous for the watches. Well so it’s the punctuality here… be 1min late, you’re screwed. The buses as well as trains are super punctual, as well as the people here. Time is money 😉
  7. Swiss people are very proud of their world famous brands such as Lindt, Victorinox, Nestlé or Toblerone… and the list goes on and on.
  8. Swiss people can sometimes be very avaricious… don’t you dare to not pay back those 5.- chf you owe.
  9. It’s true… the cheeses and chocolates are amazing. Just as the nature is.
  10. No, Switzerland isn’t just mountains and alps and yes, they do have cities and civilization. 
Must Trys in Switzerland

If you ever come to Switzerland or have the chance try the Mövenpick ice cream. It’s probably the best ever…. 

Mövenpick ice cream

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  1. February 21, 2014 / 10:53 pm

    Honestly, it's the best country ever! Wanna movie there so bad! 🙁

    • February 22, 2014 / 6:43 pm

      Aww.. well you could. You should definitely get married to a swiss guy 😉

  2. Sofie
    February 22, 2014 / 10:26 am

    wonderful, I must go there sometime!

    • February 22, 2014 / 6:43 pm

      Yeees, definitely! It's really lovely. Had such nice weather these days, 15°C!!

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