Belgrade – the white city

It’s been a while since I posted the last time… honestly, I was occupied with many things and time flies. My boyfriend and I moved to a new place, I quit my job (and got a new one – I’ll tell you another time) and I also lacked a bit of inspiration. However, in this post I’d like to talk about Belgrade, my birth city.

I spent two weekends in may there and would like to introduce you to this beautiful metropole.

St. Sava Church

Not only my birthplace but also a city I spent 5 years in. In 2007 I decided to quit my boring apprenticeship (economics) in Switzerland and moved to Belgrade. The initial idea was that I do the IB Gymnasium (International Baccalaureate) diploma and move back after two years. Well, life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan… I simply fell in love with Belgrade and decided to do my Graphic Design bachelor’s degree there as well. 

Where to start? It’s very hard. I think at first, the city appears like any other city. Average, maybe even boring. You really have to walk the streets to realize that the city is pulsating 24/7, there is no tomorrow and people are always out. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is – people are partying every day, people take evening strolls, go to cafes or simply hang out.
The thing everyone’s doing is “Kafenisanje” which translated means “Coffeeing” – literally just sitting in a cafe & having a coffee.

My beautiful friend Katarina. Captures a moment of “Kafenisanje”.

Two very cute cafes I discovered the last time are “Majdaan” and “Smokvica”.  The interiors of both cafes are kind of “modern vintage” – a lot of unpolished wood, drinks are served in jars, and some tables are made out of old windows. Definitely worth a visit while in Belgrade!





Another great thing in Belgrade is the food. Not only is it very cheap (compared to EU or US standards & countries) but super delicious. It really doesn’t matter wether you buy something on the street or in a restaurant, you’ll never be disappointed. There are way too many places that I would recommend but one of my favourites are “Monument” or Novak Djokovic’s restaurant called “Novak” (go for the steak).

Belgrade is a city to party in… everyday, whenever you want, wherever you want it. But if you need a small break from the city life then there is “Ada”, an artificial lake, where you really forget that you’re in a city. Around the lake it’s 8km and there are opportunities to rent a bike or inline skates and be active! Or you can just chill at one of the many many bars all around the lake. Back to “Kafenisanje” 🙂 During summer nights the bars turn all into clubs with great live music and the atmosphere is just amazing! 

Koketa – a bar at “Ada” lake

This is just a small feeling of how Belgrade is, but no matter what I write or anyone else – you have to experience it yourself. Oh and Belgrade-girls are said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe 😉

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