Smells like spring

Are you guys also addicted to perfumes? I can never have enough of them and in this post I wanna talk about all the nice smells. Just like the seasons change, I love to experiment with different smells – then again, we change and our tastes change. We all have certain perfumes that remind us of certain times in our lives… so it can be very nostalgic.

However, here come my favourites for the spring/summer 2015:

  • Tommy Hilfiger – Peach Blossom it’s a flirtatious, sensual, floral-fruity fragrance. Top notes are bergamot, white peach, blackberry and cassis. A memorable scent for a modern romantic.
  • Michael Kors – Glam Jasmine was created by Harry Fremont of such notes as white flowers and jasmine refreshed with black currant buds and leaves with a creamy sandalwood trail.
  • DKNY – Be Delicious City Blossom Urban Violet Donna conjures up the spirit of floral oasis in the heart of New York City. This “urban dream” blends notes of mandarin with delicious red apple blossom and berries in its opening. 
  • Nina Ricci – Nina a fragrance that has been worn by women everywhere since 1987. Its rich aroma of florals, woodsy greens, and fruit makes this a scent that is perfect for a number of occasions. I’ve gotten several compliments on this one and this is actually the second time in my life that I’m using it. It’s timeless. 
  • Michael Kors – Sexy Amber contains notes of warm amber, white flowers and sandalwood for this fragrance. I’d say this one is definitely more for the summer evenings. 

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