Time for a new recipe, this one much simpler and healthier than the last one 🙂 I’m spending my vacation at my other home – Switzerland. The weather has been very warm the past two days and I got inspired by my favourite health-girl Lara to make some Nice Cream. Go follow this beautiful and inspiring girl on her blog or here on Instagram! So you might be wondering what’s nicecream? Nicecream is ice cream – just healthy version. No sugar, no cream… and it’s just amazeballs like Lara would say!


  • 3-4 frozen(!) Bananas (tip: just cut the bananas in pieces, put them in a bag and freeze) 
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Splash of Milk

Put everything in a blender and – done! You can put as many berries as you want, it’s a matter of taste 🙂 and enjoy! Keep refrigerated if you have rests…! 

You might wonder how you can serve this awesomeness in a coconut? Here some great instructions on how to open a coconut like this: Coconut tutorial by Lara. 

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