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Today I thought I’d share my experience with the NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay. I’ve been wanting a NAKED palette since forever and my lovely boyfriend actually surprised me when he took me to Urban Decay once (In Copenhagen) and said that I could chose the one I like. The very helpful girl working there recommended me “definitely the NAKED 3” one since I have an olive tan, got brown eyes and hair. I didn’t question her suggestion and bought that one!

The first impression is: really amazing colours… BUT It does seem like the eye shadows are not equally well pigmented… – can’t say that I’m not slightly disappointed.

All the 12 colours att a glance

Let’s talk about each one of them!

Strange – matte-satin: Very nice bright pinkish colour, good pigmentation and works great as a base.

Dust – shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter: Would be a very nice, pale pink-with-a-touch-of-peach colour, if it wasn’t for all the crumbling away part. You put it on and as you try to spread it, it just crumbles away. It works much better if you put a primer but still – not that good.

Burnout – Satin: A pinky peach tone and very well pigmented. Can be used in the crease just before blending in the darker colours. 

Limit – Matte: Dusty rose shade, all matte and nicely pigmented. Another of the colours to have as a base in the crease before adding the darker ones. Lovely.

Buzz – Shimmer With Silver Microglitter: Nice burgundy colour. Works much better than the Dust one, actually it’s very pigmented and easy to work with. 

Trick – Shimmer With Microsparkle: I mean: WTF??? No matter wether you use the primer or not, this one just sucks. You can “take” as much as you want of it and nothing comes off onto the skin. Maybe it works with pale skin, but for sure not with mine. 

Nooner – Matte: I think my favourite. It’s a gorgeous brown tone with a light pinkish undertone. This one is perfect for the crease, creating a smoky yet natural look.

Liar – Metallic Shimmer: Nicely pigmented, similar to Nooner but I’d say has a more coppery undertone and contains shimmer.

Factory – Satin: The most pigmented one of them all. Gorgeous and warm brown colour with a kind of metallic finish. Great for blending into the crease.

Mugshot – Metallic Shimmer: Jut as pigmented as Factory & Liar. It’s a nice taupe colour with shimmer in it. 

Darkside – Satin: A deep taupe-mauve shade with the same metallic effect as the other satins. Gorgeous and also amazing to work with.

Blackheat – Matte With Microsparkle: Simlply GORGEOUS! A very dark brown or actually black colour with rosy red microsparkles. Great for a glamorous smokey look with the extra twist. 

All in all it’s only 1 colour sucking very much (Trick) and one that is a bit complicated to work with (Dust). Nevertheless, I am very happy with my purchase and will be using this palette more often. Here is my first look I created a week ago: 

If you are living in Sweden, you can purchase yours at KICKS online store.

If you are living in Switzerland, you can purchase yours at MANOR.

If you are living anywhere else, you can purchase yours from NORDSTROM.

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