Two weeks ago, I came home from the most amazing vacation ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time until now to sit down and share my experience with you. So here it is, my review, experience and mostly pictures of the trip to Rhodes, Greece. All the pictures were made with my iPhone 6 since I was dumb enough (it still hurts) to forget my DSLR Nikon at home. Still, the pictures are quite ok aren’t they? 🙂

Landing over Rhodes

We decided to do this trip with my family. My parents haven’t been on vacation in 11 years and it was more than overdue to take them for a trip. My brother and I grew up going to Greece every summer and so we decided to go to Rhodes this time. We’ve never been there before so it was super exciting for us all. It was a bit tricky to find a hotel that would be offered both – from Sweden (for me and David) and for my family that was coming from Switzerland. Eventually we found the perfect 5 star hotel, Atrium Platinum Resort Hotel & Spa. It was very important to us that the hotel has good reviews on Tripadvisor and let me tell you – this one has more than great reviews. 1250 out of 1500 reviews stated that the hotel was excellent! Why staying at a fancy hotel? Well, first of all, I mostly wanted it to be a memorable trip for my parents. Second of all, we don’t go on vacation very often, but when we do, I want us to have it nice and memorable. I’m not the kind of person that would sleep in tents or improvise. That would be just too much stress – and that’s not the point of vacation 😉

View from our room at Atrium Platinum

Even before we went there, I contacted the hotel, asking whether they could arrange a room with shower for my dad since he is invalid, and also if they had a wheelchair at disposal. They promised that it would be no problem to get a room with shower and yes, they did have a wheelchair we could use during our stay. From the very first contact on (with lovely Julia), we felt very welcome and looked forward to the stay.

The reception

The amazing and beautiful Julia & Me. Thank you again!

We did not get disappointed. At arrival, a wheelchair was waiting for us in the lobby, and the personnel knew who we were by approaching the reception. Julia was there to welcome us. After the check in, our luggage was taken to the rooms and OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS! The rooms we got, blew our minds. We booked 2 simple rooms but got an upgrade to 2 suites with two rooms and two bathrooms in each! I can’t describe in words how we felt and I want to take this opportunity to thank Julia and the management for it. 

Our hotel room

The hotel is so so beautiful, very spacious and wheelchair friendly. The staff is beyond friendly – the guys at the reception, the ones in the restaurant, the cleaning ladies, the managers… just everyone greets you with a smile, they take time to chat with you, give you tips for the island and just make you feel like you’re a part of a big family. Sure, it is a 5 star hotel and you might say “well, you paid for it” but I can tell you you’re wrong. Not only are the people in the hotel super nice, but ALL the people on the island are so friendly. Greek people are just so warm, open, helpful, happy and simply ALIVE. A very big contrast to Swedish or in general Nordic people.

Mojito at the pool
Mojito at the pool

Beach area

The hotel offers towels so that is a big plus since you don’t have to bring your own. Sun chairs and umbrellas are free of charge at the hotel & pool. The location of the hotel is really great, it’s very close to Rhodes town, about 3-4 km, and only 10 km from the airport. The only “downside” was, that it’s placed at the windy beach, so it’s a great place for windsurfing. However, swimming was absolutely possible, and it’s not always that windy so it’s still enjoyable. 

Half board was more than enough. Amazing buffet for breakfast and dinner, a lot of things to chose from. I think there is no taste that couldn’t be satisfied. Loved the Greek yogurt – soo good! However, if you chose to eat out, Rhodes isn’t too expensive and the meals go from 5€ upwards. 

Rhodes is such a lovely town, especially the old town is full of history. The medieval old town has been declared a world heritage site and stands under the UNESCO protection. Besides Rhodes town, there are a few other towns and attractions to visit on the island such as Kalitea, Faliraki, Lindos. The lattes was build in the 8th century BC(!).

Kalithea beach
Kalithea Springs
Kalithea Springs
Kalithea Springs

I admit – I completely and utterly fell in love with Greece and the greek people. Without generalising or trying to insult anyone, there is a huge difference between Greek and Spanish people (we were in Teneriffe laste year). No matter where we went, we were treated in the most kind ways.

You know when you walk down the roads with all the shops and people try to sell you stuff all the time? When they try to convince you to buy something you don’t need? When they try to make you eat at their restaurant and they are so annoying so they keep on walking with you for half a kilometre? Well you don’t have that in Greece. People do talk to you, but it’s just in a different way. They ask you wether you wanna perhaps eat at their restaurant, but in the end you find yourself talking to a complete stranger while he explains the history of Rhodes to you. And after that, he gives you a tip where to go for drinks – and it was not the restaurant he worked at. 

Cute little restaurant in Lindos 
The “taxis”
Roman letters carved in stone from ancient times
Olive tree 
While climbing up to the Acropolis of Lindos
Acropolis of Lindos
Acropolis of Lindos

Cutest little café in Lindos

Acropolis of Lindos – left me simply breathless. If you visit Rhodes, you MUST visit the Acropolis of Lindos. It will throw you back in time, and I mean not just a couple of years, no it will pretty much throw you back a couple of thousand years. As I mentioned before it was build in the 8th century BEFORE Christ. Once you get to Lindos, you park your car and then you WALK; or you take a “taxi” which is donkey that will bring you up to the acropolis. We felt too sorry for it, so we walked. I mean why not, hike up a mountain during the hottest time of the day (noon), sweating like a pig? Honestly it can never be too hot for me, so I was fine! 

At the top, the most beautiful and breathtaking view was awaiting us. I had to pinch myself to see wether it was a dream or not. So much history in those stones, so much beauty in the world. Hard to describe it in words. We’ve seen gigantic yellow butterflies up there, never seen something like that before. The only ugly thing in the whole experience were the tourists… nevertheless, absolutely worth the 7€ entrance fee. 

THIS is pure happiness. 

All in all, it was the most amazing week ever. Yes, it is a saying but I do really mean it. My brother and I discussed this and he also said: “Ana, this has been the best vacation I’ve ever had!”. We don’t get younger and family comes always first. I realized that this year after a lot of things happen – family and health are the most important things to have. I’m very thankful to have such a wonderful brother and boyfriend who were up for this and contributed in the best possible ways. Thank you <3

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Bye bye Rhodes, bye bye Atrium Platinum Hotel and thank you everyone who contributed to this amazing vacation. My parents, my brother, my boyfriend and all the staff! See you again!

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