MAC Nude Lipstick Collection

Let’s all be honest for a moment – We love NUDE! Especially in lipstick form… I’d even say that it’s the most popular colour spectrum and the one most girls go for. So do I; they are great for the everyday life. Let me introduce you to my MAC Nude family.

Faux, Velvet Teddy, Mehr, Syrup, Brave, Oxblood, Bad Girl Riri

So which one is my favourite? Oh dear, a mother loves all their children equally…right? But I do generally prefer matte and satin finishes because they are more pigmented and tend to stick longer. I’m also not a very big fan of glittery, shimmery lips, no matter what colour range I go for 🙂

I thought it’s easier to see if I swatch them for you, so here we go: 

Faux (Satin) – A lovely bright(er) nude with a slight pinkish undertone… you know like this dusty pink. Really amazing formula, I love the satin finish lipsticks from MAC. I usually wear it to my day job.

Velvet Teddy (Matte) – Oh my it’s THE shade of the year probably. Only one thing needed to say – Kylie Jenner! Gorgeous brown lipstick with a cool undertone. Beautiful on the lips, perfect for day as for night!

Mehr (Matte) – Latest purchase and obsession. This one has the most “pinkish” undertone and is flattering my lips perfectly. It seems like my natural lip colour, just a few shades darker. Looks gorgeous and natural.

Syrup (Lustere) – This one is not very pigmented and just gives that little extra shine with a touch of pinkish nude colour. Lustere is my least favourite finish but this one is great for every day use.

Brave (Satin) – Love at first sight! This one also has a pinkish warm undertone and is a little bit brighter and less pigmented than Mehr. 

Oxblood (Matte, Limited Edition) – From the Toledo collection, a beautiful peachy brown lipstick. Quite pigmented and also the brightest or let’s rather say peachiest nude I have. 

Bad Girl Riri (Matte, Limited Edition) – I’m gonna cry when this one finishes. A taupe-nude, quite dark brown. Looks great on brunettes or if you have an olive or rather darker skin tone. 

Verdict? I’m obsessed with lipsticks and these are only the nudes. I personally prefer the ones with the pinkish undertones because it flatters my lips the most. If I want to stick out a little bit more, then I go for the darker ones like Velvet Teddy or Bad Girl Riri. 

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