Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

It finally happened! I ordered myself some Makeup Geek eyeshadows… and OMG… hands down, these are AMAZEBALLS! I was super excited and didn’t really know what to expect since I’ve read some blogposts where some bloggers gave negative reviews for certain shades. I love all the 14 I ordered and wish I could get myself more! The only down side of all this is, are the taxes. When we (from Europe) order things from the States, the taxes are insane! For these eyeshadows I payed 40$ just for the taxes while my order was worth 84$. However, I regret nothing and here are the swatches and the colours I bought. 

I did a little research before I ordered them and decided that I’d go for these 14 babies up here. Some of them are matte and some of them shimmery. The eyeshadows come packed in small paper envelopes, ready to be popped into a magnetic palette. Mine is a Z-Palette that I’ve had in many years and I usually have my MAC shadows here as well. I just thought I’d take all the other ones out for this review to not confuse you guys with other brands and colours 🙂 


Shimma Shimma – A metallic champagne shade. Beautiful to wear over the whole lid or as an inner corner highlight. Everyone need such a shade – buy it. 

Crème Brulee – A sand brown colour with a matte finish. This one is perfect as a transition colour to use in the creases. If I wanna go for a nude brown look, this is the shade I pick up first. Buy it.

Cosmopolitan – Such a beeeaautiful rose gold shimmery shade. This colour is diverse, you can use it for a light summery look by itself, or combine it with something else for a darker more vampy look. If you like peachy tones, buy it – otherwise you can skip it.

Frappé – A medium brown tone and it’s just so perfect you guys. No more words needed. Great as a transition colour, to darken up the crease. Buy it.

Cocoa Bear – The one that everyone talks about. A very nice and warm brown shade and yes, it is as amazing as everyone says it is. Buy it. 

Mocha – A deep matte brown. My darkest from the MG ones and I use it a lot to finish off a natural look with a bit darker crease. I love to put this shadow on the lower lash line to give my eyes a soft brown look. If you love browns like I do – buy it. 

Moondust – A metallic silver taupe colour. I haven’t used this one in a look yet but I’m looking forward to do so. The pigmentation is amazing. Buy it if you like shimmery metallic looks – otherwise skip it.

Prom NightAnother shimmery one, but this one has a purple undertone. Very pigmented and blends well (omg they all do). Buy it if you like shimmery eyeshadows.

Unexpected – Omg this one though! This is a pale rosy brown matte eyeshadow and one of my favourites. I just love colours like this to use as transition shade. For everyday looks I’ve also used this one by itself. Must buy!

VintageA medium brown with mauve undertones and matte finish. Do I have to say more?? It’s out of stock and that’s how amazing this shade is! Must buy! 

Burlesque – A metallic muted & warm burgundy. I loooove this one! So beautiful and I used it a lot. Perfect for fall and winter! Must buy. 

BittenVery deep maroon red with a matte finish (it looks shiny because of the light) and another one I love. So beautiful especially when combined with Burlesque. If you like brown, reddish tones like I do, this is a must!

Americano – Dark brown with subtle purple undertones and matte finish. GORGEOUS colour, another one that is constantly out of stock and that says it all doesn’t it? Buy it!

Corrupt I heard only great things about this black matte shade. It’s pretty much the blackest black on the market. You have to have one of these! Buy it.

The conclusion is that all their eyeshadows are amazing and I can’t wait to buy some more! I didn’t go for the super crazy colours as you can see, but I’m sure that all the colours Makeup Geek has to offer are amazing. I’ll get there…


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