Christian Loubutin

Red. The color of love… but also the trademark of Christian Loubutin. I got this amazing high-end nail polish by my dear friend Raphaëlle a while back. She came back from London and said that she got me something for me that had my name all over it… well when I saw what it actually was, I totally freaked out. This is just something every makeup & beauty obsessed person wants to own!

The packaging is everything! The bottle itself lies in a little square box with a hole on top for the cap. The cap is super long – we are talking 16cm here. So all in all, the nail polish is huge, in total 20cm long. Yup, not everyone can brag with such a length 😛 However, the nail polish amount is not compromized with the 13 ml. In comparison, O.P.I. comes with 15 ml and Essie 13.5 ml.

The color is just THE perfect red shade. The cap is very comfortable to hold (feels like a magic wand), and the brush has also a good width. The pigmentation is bomb, so actually one layer would be totally enough – I always do two, but as mentioned one is enough. I can’t judge the drying time because I always use the Seche Vite (see my previous blogpost for details) for fast drying. The longevity is superbe, lasts for many days so I’d say definitely in class with the top nail polish brands like O.P.I.

So, as you can imagine, this is not a cheap thing to have (Loubutin hello?!), but I can say that it’s the perfect gift for anyone that is into beauty and makeup like I am. It’s a cult thing to have, it’s not about having a red nail polish. It’s about a unique, eye catching gift that will always have a very special place on my shelf. Thank you Raphaëlle one more time for letting me have something as unique as this. You are the best!


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