I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time and somehow, I’ve been always postponing it. It’s very personal and furthermore I wanted it to be perfect. But you know what? Perfect perhaps doesn’t exist… things can always be better and we can always do better.

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Dear Maiya

I’m not your mom, nor your dad; I’m not your auntie, grandma or grandpa. I’m just a person you’ll most probably never meet. And yet, I have the strong urge to share this with you. Right now you are around 18 months old, but you should know how lucky you are to have Justin and Emily as your parents. I’ve been following them for a while now on social media and they have touched my heart and soul in a way hardly anyone out there did. 

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The thoughts and quotes your dad writes in almost every post are deeply touching so that most of the times I get all teary. Even tough the words are usually dedicated to you, or your mom, it’s the purity and honesty that makes me connect with it. The love your parents have for each other and you is so palpable and present, it radiates into pictures and words. Sometimes I wonder how they do it. No one is perfect, and I know they aren’t either but yet, they seem to have such a strength and positivity for life. I find life really hard and sometimes you end up in a downward spiral and don’t know how to get out of it. Is it the Bahá’í Faith that helps them overcome everything? To be this spiritual, calm, positive, loving, helping? 

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I am so appreciative that the documentary series My Last Days exist, and all the stories, especially the ones of Zach and Chris have made me look at this world in a different way. I can’t watch any of it without a box of tissues. Maybe because cancer has been so present in my life. Having watched my mom fight it, you realize how fragile our lives actually are, how we shouldn’t focus on material things, and how little your problems are – in perspective. Your dad makes us open our eyes with these documentaries and that it’s important to LIVE, to appreciate, to be present. Without Wayfarer and everyone behind it, we all wouldn’t have had a chance to “meet” these beautiful, strong and empowering souls.

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Your parents went to volunteer at a homeless shelter prepping for thanksgiving when this picture was taken. How many people do that out there? Way too few, but your parents did it and are still doing it whenever they can. That is inspirational to me. To be this selfless and engage and dedicate time to other people, people they don’t know at all. Homeless, sick, poor – it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, you close the door to your house and are a mother, a father, a brother, sister, spouse. And you wanna be the best version of yourself. 

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No one is perfect, but you are blessed to be growing up in such an understanding and loving environment. They are your parents and will always put you first. They seem so down to earth and I really hope nothing will ever change that. Your mom and dad are so inspiring that I’d love to just sit with them at a table, have a coffee and listen, not talk, but listen. We listen way too little nowadays and I would like to know what inspires them, how do they stay so positive, happy, how do you deal with stress and the hard life in general? I’m sure the hard things in life didn’t go around them but there is always a way. “Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time” is one of the Bahá’í sayings.

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With these words, I tired to express my feelings, gratitude and respect for these beautiful human beings. I wish there were more people like them, so we could all be surrounded by such inspiration and eventually also try to do our best, to be the better change we all want to happen around us. We all can do our best, every day. We just tend to forget, tend to fall back into a daily routine and we don’t know how to escape. That’s where inspiration like that, gives us hope and confidence that there are genuinely good people out there, doing good things and making a difference. They really do make a difference dear Maiya.

Give your mom and dad a hug from me, will you?



One of the most inspiring thing I’ve ever read. I wish every man would worship their wife/girlfriend/partner like Justin does. ©justinbaldoni Instagram

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